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Having worked with the NZ Transport Agency to develop their strategic direction, policy and strategy for Highways Network Operations, we went on to recommend a new approach to asset management planning for highways. To allow a number of asset condition and performance measures to be compared side by side, we developed linear infographics to present the information that allowed a large amount of data to be presented in a relatively small footprint.This enabled a holistic outcome focused approach to planning, where all assets within a corridor were considered together when planning for asset operations, maintenance and renewals. This was combined with compelling story-telling to build a picture of the location specific issues within the corridor and to describe the appropriate response. We brought together a range of experiences across strategy, transport, communication and visual presentation to work with our client on this innovative project.Corridor Management Plans


Achieving alignment between teams and connecting various department plans with the overall Corporate Strategy can be challenging.  The Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) group at the Waikato Regional Council recognised these challenges and worked with us to get to the heart of what was important to the community.We formed a joint working group that was a critical factor in the success of the project, as it was a diverse, highly engaged group who contributed their extensive knowledge and experience to this quick moving project.From there, the strategic focus of the ICM group was redefined and six central objectives were developed that supported the strategic direction for the corporate strategy.  We know people come to work to do a great job and the foundation for success is providing an environment that will support and motivate people to perform at their best.  This means being clear about the focus, expectations, roles and responsibilities, and the behaviours that will set the ICM group apart, while continuing to find new ways to support people to develop the skills and experiences needed to respond to the increasing challenges faced.The result was that the ICM group have clear direction and were confident that their activities supported the outcomes.Integrated Catchment Management - Strategic Focus


With the aim of strengthening NZ Government agencies ability to manage their assets and supporting investments, Treasury established the Investor Confidence rating (ICR) framework.  This is a three-yearly assessment of the performance of investment-intensive agencies in managing investments and assets that are critical to the delivery of NZ government services.We independently assess and rate the progress of identified NZ Government departments and agencies in their progress towards appropriate levels of asset management maturity.  These results are incorporated with other elements into a total Investor Confidence Rating for the organisation.  The ICR provides an indication of the level of confidence that investors (such as Cabinet and Ministers) can have in an agency’s ability to realise a promised investment result if funding was committed.We bring together a blended team of experienced assessors to lead the identified agencies through the assessment of its asset management systems and processes. We provide a wide variety of real-life examples across a range of disciplines and asset portfolios, as well as facilitate interactive workshops to encourage and develop asset management understanding and ownership.  By doing this we are able to contribute to the improvement in Government entity understanding and visibility of current and desirable Asset Management practice.Asset Management Maturity

Alongside the Transport Agency, we led community engagement on the proposed SeaPath route, a 3km walking and cycling path from Northcote Point to Esmonde Interchange. This project will link with the proposed SkyPath across the Auckland Harbour Bridge, delivering transformative change to the communities along the route by allowing safe travel by bike and foot.By working closely with our client, we identified the communication and engagement objectives and developed bespoke approaches to each of these. For example, we visited and engaged directly with students at AUT’s North Shore campus in order to receive feedback from a user-group not usually well represented within the more traditional open day community engagement format. We also worked with a consultancy to develop eye-catching artist impressions, to clearly communicate the look and feel of the path and give reassurance to concerned residents living adjacent to the proposed path.By ensuring that engagement with the community was thorough and considered a wide range of groups, the Detailed Business Case is well supported to enable the NZ Transport Agency to make decisions.SeaPath Community Engagement



Recognising that the success of technical systems is dependent not only on the quality of the system, but also the people and processes surrounding them, we worked with the Grey District Council to get a better understanding of their SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system to understand the value it was providing the organisation and how it could most effectively be improved.We developed an assessment tool that enabled managers to view the SCADA system with a ‘business lens’, meaning they could gather information about the tools, people and processes affecting the use of the system.  This then provided a way to identify the causes of service disruptions, which in this case stemmed from the water/wastewater utilities.By working closely with our client and listening to their challenges, we identified the need to look further than just the system itself, and work the people and processes. By doing so, we have provided Grey District Council with a roadmap that is grounded in the Council’s asset management and business environment, which in turn helps to secure funding as it is assessed as investment decisions, not just costs to the system.SCADA Investment Planning


Pressured by a short timeframe, Department of Conservation approached us to review and refresh their Recreation and Heritage Asset Management Plan, which is used to support their investment proposals and provide visibility of their decision around asset priorities. In response to the clients need for a fast turnaround, we recommended an initial light review of their Asset Management Plan followed by a refresh of agreed priority areas.It was all hands on deck as we brought together a strong mix of expertise from the Just Add Lime team, as well as a willing client that worked closely alongside us in a pressured environment.  Starting with getting a clear understanding of the requirements of the organisation, we reviewed and refreshed the Asset Management Plan, going on to updating the financials and presenting the complex information and competing priorities in a simpler way.Department of Conservation now has a solid base to build on that provides a clearer direction, all created in a tight timeframe and collaborative environment.  AMP Desktop review and refresh


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